Let us not forget…

She lived in a time where the women’s realm was the home, but Anna Howard Shaw’s world was much bigger than that. Growing up in the woods, a calling was birthed as she preached to the trees without a soul around. Hitching her wagon to a dream, though she faced resistance, she graduated from seminary and became one of the first women ordained in the Methodist tradition.

As someone who could not be boxed in, her ministry was never limited to the confines of a church. While pastoring, she obtained a medical degree and provided care for marginalized women. Her deep sense of justice spurred her work in social reform, and she became a great leader in the Women’s Suffrage movement.

Anna Howard Shaw was not just a dreamer and a visionary, but a tireless worker for equality and justice. She was also very witty, and reading her autobiography, I found a friend in the pages. She was a friend that I couldn’t wait to tell people about, especially my students. Join us on this journey as I have big conversations with teenage girls from St. Mark’s United Methodist Church using the life of Dr. Shaw as our lens. Check out the first season of the Forgotten Voices podcast on the episode page.

-Katie Eichler